A strat is more than just a guitar...
Personalized fender stratocaster design and wiring. Featuring the awesome Mix-Flex Tone circuit
Creativity and Personalization
Select your pickups, pickguards and more!
Gold & Vintage Blonde
Your favorite blend
Wild and Crazy?
If it feels good, do it, if it sounds good, Play it...
The ultimate in personal Expression
So many colors, so many songs!
Hand Oiled Rosewood protects your fretboard


Stratocaster Design is based in Santa Barbara, California.

Hi I’m Bruce Gombrelli and you’ve come to my Fender Stratocaster design website.

I create customized Fender Stratocaster guitars out of new Fender Stratocasters with personalized colors and circuitry. Literally a Custom Shop at a personal price using Fender Produced parts.

Guitars from Stratocaster Design come from ideas and the love of stratocasters; from a brand new idea or an revision and update of your current Stratocaster. Wiring, pickups, color, neck selection and more. Everyone wants their own specialized guitar.

I focus exclusively on Fender Stratocasters both Standard (Mexican assembled) and USA and am the creator of the Mix-Flex Tone Circuit which is often the choice of circuit for the guitars I make, play and sell.  I personally work with each guitar so I don’t take my guitar project lightly and your personal happiness is my goal (and mine, because I invest my time and energy into it).



See some of my examples of some designs that have been created. Sometimes these design are powerhouses in terms of sound and play-ability. Not to mention, they got some cool looks going on!

Depending on what you like they can be smooth and subdued OR wild and crazy like a visual tornadoes. It’s your choice.


If your interested in my music go to Unlimited Power Records

MIX-FLEX Tone Circuit ™ Ad hoc demo