Retro Jack

Original Guitar – 2015 Stock MIM Fender Stratocaster



Redesigned  and Upgraded

  • Mix-Flex Tone Circuit
  • Black with Union Jack Pick Guard and Matching Union Jack Strap
  • Fender Lonestar Dark Rosewood Oiled Treated Neck and Setup
  • Schaller Locking Tuners
  • New Pickups (Dually Lace Sensor Red/Silver, Dimarzio FS-1, Seymour Duncan HS-3)
  • Push Pull Switch to split the dually
  • Special Wiring and No Load Tone Pot
  • Matched Strap and Strap Locks
  • Updated Back Plate and Neck Plate (not shown)
  • Springs, Strings, Intonation and setup